MDW’23 at Oxford Social Club

MDW'23 at Oxford Social Club

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As Memorial Day approaches, it’s time to plan a memorable weekend filled with music, entertainment, and celebration. Look no further than Oxford Social Club, located in the vibrant Gaslamp District of Downtown San Diego. This exclusive venue is set to host a star-studded lineup of performances, featuring the likes of Waka Flocka, Neil Jackson, and Trey Songz. Get ready for an unforgettable experience that combines top-notch music, energetic vibes, and a pulsating atmosphere. Read on to discover the exciting events happening each day and make the most of this Memorial Day weekend.

Friday: Waka Flocka Takes the Stage

Kickstart your Memorial Day weekend on Friday, May 26th, with an electrifying performance by the renowned rapper, Waka Flocka. Known for his high-energy tracks and captivating stage presence, Waka Flocka is sure to deliver an unforgettable show. As the crowd comes alive with anticipation, get ready to immerse yourself in an evening of hip-hop beats, catchy hooks, and a buzzing atmosphere. Let loose, dance to your heart’s content, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Saturday: Neil Jackson Spins the Hottest Tracks

On Saturday, May 27th, gear up for a night of non-stop dancing as Neil Jackson takes over the DJ booth. Known for his dynamic DJ sets and seamless transitions, Neil Jackson knows how to keep the crowd grooving. With a wide range of musical genres at his disposal, he will craft a playlist that caters to everyone’s tastes, ensuring an electrifying and diverse night of music. Whether you’re a fan of hip-hop, electronic, or the latest chart-toppers, be prepared to dance until the early hours of the morning.

Sunday: Trey Songz Closes the Weekend with a Bang

As the weekend draws to a close, prepare for a grand finale on Sunday, May 28th, with the R&B sensation, Trey Songz. Known for his smooth vocals and soulful performances, Trey Songz is sure to captivate the audience with his chart-topping hits and infectious energy. Get ready to sing along to fan favorites, sway to the rhythm, and indulge in a night of soulful music that will leave you wanting more.

This Memorial Day weekend, Oxford Social Club in Downtown San Diego’s Gaslamp District is the place to be. With a lineup featuring Waka Flocka, Neil Jackson, and Trey Songz, prepare for a weekend filled with music, energy, and vibrant ambiance.


Oxford Social Club

435 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101


may 26 (Friday) - 28 (Sunday)