Take the World Burger Tour at the Hard Rock Cafe!

The Hard Rock Café, located at 801 Fourth Ave, just unveiled their World Burger Tour. This is a can’t miss culinary travel experience taking burger meal lovers to London, Colombia, Louisiana, Seoul and even commemorating Gaslamp Quarter’s 150th Anniversary with a delectable dish! Globetrotting has never been so easy. World Burger Tour gives you a taste of eight burgers from around the world. The reception and launch of this event gave Alex and Erin a taste of 5 different burgers along with accompanying fries and a specialty cocktail!

What we enjoyed:

  • Alex and Erin were welcomed into the Fourth Ave location with live music and a special reception unveiling tastes of the World Burger Tour, the fries, and a cocktail.


English Breakfast Burger

The first burger unveiled was the English Breakfast Burger (London, England) – a Certified Angus Beef@ patty topped with sliced ham, a sausage patty, a friend egg, a Portobello mushroom, arugula and garlic aioli and served with a side of baked beans. This burger also had a side of delicious curry fries with a tandoori masala dipping sauce to die for. The cocktail they paired with the English Breakfast Burger was the “Hurricane”– Orange, mango and pineapple juice, infused with BACARDI Superior Rum, BACARDI Select Rum, Amaretto and the finest Call Grenadine.

Colombian Plantain Burger

The next burger bite was the Colombian Plantain Burger (Cartagena, Colombia)– A South American savory and sweet combination of caramelized onions, bacon and Monterey Jack cheese, spiked with molasses and tapped with fried plantains on a certified Angus Beef© patty. Perfectly paired with crispy plantain chips and mojo sauce. This delicious burger was served with herb parmesan fries. The cocktail they paired with the Colombian Plantain Burger is the “Southern Rock”– Jack Daniel’s Whiskey, Southern Comfort, Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur and SMIRNOFF Vodka, mixed with sweet & sour topped with Sierra Mist (c).

Jambalaya Burger

The Jambalaya Burger from (Louisiana, United States) was next in the tasting. This big easy burger features spiced up Certified Angus Beef© fixed with Cajun mayo, pickles, andouille sausage, pepper jack cheese and a jammin’ jambalaya rice cake. Served with crispy garlic fries. The Jambalaya Burger was paired with the “Electric Blues” This striking cocktail contained SMIRNOFF Vodka, BACARDI Superior Rum, Beefeater Gin, DeKuyper© Blue Curacao and sweet & sour topped with Sierra Mist ©.

Kimchi Burger

Are you full yet? Next was the heavenly Kimchi Burger from (Seoul, South Korea)- A tradition years in the making, Certified Angus Beef © patty topped with Sriracha-seasoned kimchi, bulgogi sauce, fresh tomato and lettuce and Sriracha mayo. Served with seasoned fries. The burger was accompanied with seasoned fries and their “lovely Rita” The cocktail contained Sauza © Gold Tequila, Cointreau © Orange Liqueur and Hard Rock’s authentic Margarita Mix.

Gaslamp 150 Burger

The final burger in the tour was the one near and dear to our hearts, The Gaslamp 150 Burger! This savory creation embraces San Diego’s culture and heritage with 1/2 lb Angus Beef Patty topped with pepper jack & cotija cheeses, enchilada and crema sauces, a fried poblano pepper, crisp lettuce & topped with a serrano pepper. We hope that this burger could be paired with Hard Rock Café’s own dusty rabbit cocktail……we’ll see!

Oreo Cheesecake

Finally the evening culminated with a creamy, delicious Oreo Cheesecake.

The Hard Rock Café is an incredible stop for date night, family’s and lunch diners. Take a gander at the memorabilia, catch a vintage video or two, and of course pick your favorite burger to devour!