Stay Healthy, Live Happy, Eat Poke at Poke Co.

Poke Co. opened 2 months ago and is a welcome addition to the lunch crowd in the Gaslamp Quarter! Serving the freshest ingredients, with a knowledgeable and welcoming staff, I can easily say this could be my go to almost every day for lunch. Owner Anthony Sou loves the busy Gaslamp Quarter, and already knows it is a successful location adding to the other Poke Co. establishments he owns in Norwalk, Fullerton, and one coming soon in Mission Valley.

“I love the energy in the Gaslamp Quarter. People are definitely enjoying Poke Co. we already have lunch regulars!” said Sou.

Poke Co

Anthony and his wife Leanne own many restaurants around Southern California. They wanted to start a Poke chain because of their love of fresh fish caught off the coast in the Pacific ocean. In fact one of Anthony’s favorite hobbies for the last 15 years is deep sea fishing. The ingredients at the Poke Co. are as fresh as it can be. Bluefin tuna, Albacore, Yellowtail, and salmon are caught and filleted in the morning and taken directly to Poke Co. Beets, edamame, avocado, radish, sesame seeds, and crunchy cucumber are fresh, brightly colored and some of the other choices you can have when you create the poke bowl to your liking.

“After you get the fresh ingredients in your bowl, It’s all about the sauce you use to complete your poke experience!” Said Sou “Make sure to try all of the sauces!” The friendly staff can usually help in the selection of the sauce you want while you’re creating your bowl. But after you create your culinary masterpiece, you might want more. The sauce bar gives guests the opportunity to get little cups of each of the sauces where they can dip their poke and try each flavor.

It says “Shake it up” on their signs and t-shirts. Poke Co. sets itself apart from other poke places in that they don’t massage the food in the sauce, they shake it up! “it keeps the ingredients fresher and distributes the sauce perfectly!” said Sou.

The most popular protein on the menu is salmon with spicy tuna being #2 but all proteins are fresh and delightful. I had the large poke bowl with Bluefin tuna, Albacore tuna, and Yellowtail. Each bite melted in my mouth! If you would like a soda they carry the Stubborn soda line made with pure cane sugar, and they also have Boba drinks, and Thai iced tea.

Poke Co. located at 423 F St is open Sunday – Wednesday 11am-9pm the Thurs- Saturday 11am-10pm

They are going to be delivering soon on doordash! Take a trip to Poke Co. and you too will become a regular!

Sauce Bar
Stubborn Soda