Meet SD Rabbit also known as “Rogue Rabbit” sponsored by Instant Callers!

Since the “official kickoff” of the 150th Anniversary on May 24th there has been a very special rabbit roaming around the Gaslamp Quarter sponsored by international marketing firm, Instant Callers. Instant Callers has it’s national headquarters and operations center in the Gaslamp Quarter.

Instant Callers President John Ramirez and Vice-President John Zakharia have offered their full support and commitment to the business community here in the Gaslamp Quarter. “We are excited to be a permanent part of the thriving ecosystem here in both the Gaslamp AND Rabbitville!” said Ramirez

The SD Rabbit, is being artistically adapted by everyone. As the rabbit roams around the Gaslamp Quarter patrons, business owners and employees hand those carting him around a memento that will later be collogued in a mosaic on his coat!

John Ramirez and John Zakharia
Rolling by Lou and Mickey's
watching the block party
SD Rabbit
SD Rabbit
Hooters girls with SD Rabbit

What is the Rabbit’s name?

Instant Callers: SD Rabbit also known as the Rogue Rabbit.

What is the concept of the SD Rabbit?

Instant Callers: To help showcase all the restaurants, bars and retail businesses in the Gaslamp Quarter.

How many people have contributed to the Rabbit’s mosaic?

Instant Callers: We have over 115 Gaslamp Quarter businesses that have contributed to the effort so far and 100s more have participated to showcase the SD Rabbit. You can currently find the Rabbit at

Does the Rabbit have a special schedule of outings?

Instant Callers: We try to keep the Rabbit on schedule, but as his name does apply, he often goes rouge, socializing around the Gaslamp Quarter. So stay tuned to our Social Media or

Where will the Rogue Rabbit be next?

Instant Callers: The SD Rabbit will be hopping around the Gaslamp Quarter during Comic-Con 2017, doing interviews, sipping “Dusty Rabbit” cocktails and dragging Super Heroes and Comic-Con attendees to meet the other Rabbits at the Hop Up Gallery located at 435 5th Avenue.

Is SD Rabbit making national news?

Instant Callers: There are rumors that SD Rabbit will be leading the charge on one of the largest scavenger hunts using Virtual Reality cutting edge technology and supporting Gaslamp Quarter businesses. Moving forward the SD Rabbit plans on attending a Padres game and even a visit to the mayor’s office.

What are some fun stories about the Rabbit’s travels?

Instant Callers: SD Rabbit has been out several times, including the Commencement Ceremony, to celebrate the Gaslamp 150 Year Anniversary and has also visited over 20 of the hottest eateries during the Taste of Gaslamp in June 2017. SD Rabbit has been out on the town to taste all the specialty cocktails including one called the Dusty Rabbit that are part of Gaslamp 150. That was a big hit and everyone wanted a picture or to sample the 15 different cocktails. SD Rabbit was also part of San Diego Start Up Week.

When do you anticipate decorating the Rabbit with what you have collected?

Instant Callers: We expect to be done with collecting logos and memoriblia this summer and don’t yet have a set date for completion.

if you want to schedule a visit to your business, go to and use the contact form. We encourage any business owner in the Gaslamp Quarter to contact us at www.SDRabbit.Com to ensure that their business, logo or memorabilia will be part of the adventure.

Instant Callers Sponsor of SD Rabbit