Meet the next artist of “Rabbitville”: Monty Montgomery

Monty Montgomery began exhibiting his work in 2002. Born and raised in Virginia, Montgomery loved black lines and bright colors at a very young age and was influenced by his mother who was a kindergarten teacher. “I started doing art really young,” Montgomery says. “Grabbing crayons and markers and trying to fill in good old-fashioned coloring books. I remember having a massive amount of coloring books and being able to sit for hours with my mom at the kitchen table trying to get each page perfect.”

Through his teenage years Monty discovered that his visual connection with unique situations was becoming more and more a substance for him to use in creative ways to express his inner works of art. In his junior year at Longwood University, he launched Cilli Original Designs and began spreading his word through clothing, paintings, poetry, stickers, and culture. Montgomery went on to earn his BFA from Longwood University in 1998 and took his first graphic design based job with U.S. Graphics in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Montgomery made the move to Charlottesville, VA in 1999 to design for While taking on various design projects in the music/surf/skate industries across the USA, Montgomery operated, and curated, C.O.D. Gallery & Studios on the Downtown Mall in “C-VILLE” and joined forces with the “SOA” Sound of Art in NYC. After many great years in Virginia, he made the move to Boston, Ma. in 2006 to expand his vision. “Almost every single one of my pieces has a specific meaning to it, a vibe, a feeling or message that I want you to take in and walk away with,” Montgomery says. “I not only want to hit you with my vision of color and lines, but even more so with the message within each creation. My job is to create art that makes you feel.”

In 2008 Montgomery made the move to a new studio in San Diego, California and launched the next chapter of his career. He is currently based in San Diego and continues to focus in on his works and take on various projects of all types across the map. Montgomery combined forces with J Feather in 2012 to form “kreashun” and with Tony Philippou in 2016 to begin the “Kaleidoskull” Project. A collaboration of both Artist’s visions and talents coming together to create one lucid dream of experience through art exhibitions and upon walls around the World.

Mural by Monty Montgomery
Photo by Kristen Shearon

Photo by: Kristen Shearon

Collaboration with Persue

What is the name of your rabbit?

Monty: He is the “Diego” of San Diego. As I took on this project I truly wanted to express the energy created by our amazing city. The colors and shapes covering the rabbit are visual impressions of experiences on the streets and through the sites of San Diego, California. The lines and angles represent architecture and the color relationships utilized represent the natural beauty we are surrounded with daily. From the ocean to the mountains to the desert, San Diego is full of powerful energy and beautiful locations that inspire us to be happy and appreciate every single day!

What was your process when you were creating “Diego”.

Monty: The process of creating literally began by visually taking in the surface and shape of the statue, and then feeling out the direction that the lines and colors would take across the object. The lines created a visual path and as that path formed, I was able to understand and decide on which color will apply a certain feeling and energy to that shape. These color relationships were very important in the process of creating Diego’s persona.

Did you have any challenges bringing Diego to life?

Monty: Creating in general is always a challenge; this builds the attraction for me to a project that is unique such as the “Rabbitville” project. In deciding to base the design of Diego on geometry and color relationships, I knew from the very beginning that the line work and precision involved in applying my style on such an organic shape would push my ideas into new directions. This process took the design and flow of the lines beyond my original vision. The challenge in the end was controlling the vibrant energy that Diego suddenly became. I wanted to create a visual that took the viewer on a fun ride through San Diego while also giving them the feeling of enjoying a peaceful sunset at the beach. I feel that “Diego” enables us to experience and appreciate what this beautiful city brings to life everyday!

Diego before transformation
Diego's transformation
Diego before transformation
Diego's transformation

What up and coming events are you going to be painting/exhibiting?

Monty: I will be exhibiting with the “Sparks Gallery” Family of Artist’s for the “Minis” / A GROUP SHOW / Opening Reception: Sat, June 17, 2017, 6-9pm (RSVP required for all guests via the Sparks Gallery website). “Fractal #61” of the “Fractal Series” will be featured in the “Minis” exhibition. Exhibition Dates: Sat, June 17 – Sun, July 9, 2017… pulled down for Comic Con and then reinstalled Thu, August 3, 2017 through Sun, September 24, 2017

I will then be hitting the road towards the end of June and driving up the entire Pacific coastline for my exhibition opening at The Gallery at Maury Young Arts Centre on July 14, 2017 in beautiful Whistler, British Columbia. This will be my first exhibition in Canada, and I am very excited to make this journey. While in Canada, I will have work featured in New York City for the opening of the “ChrisRWK and Friends” exhibition at My Plastic Heart on July 14, 2017. Upon returning to SD, CA in late July, I will be heading to Nashville, TN to team up with J Feather under our collaborative “KREASHUN” to complete an interior installation on “Honky Tonk Row” in the heart of the city.

There are various exhibitions coming up through August and September here in the San Diego area and then KREASHUN will head to KAABOO Music and Arts festival in Del Mar, CA September 15-17, 2017 to exhibit works and do a “LIVE” three-day mural at the festival. In October I’ll be heading back over to the East Coast to do a “LIVE” four-day mural during the Virginia Children’s Book Festival at my Alma Mater, Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia.

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Monty with Diego
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