Lights, Camera, Action! San Diego Film Festival takes over the Gaslamp Quarter!


The San Diego Int’l Film Festival truly is five days of ‘Binge Watching for Film Lovers!’

Why not spend the weekend, being immersed in all aspects of cinematic storytelling at the San Diego Film Festival! Imagine the Hollywood glitz and glam with the cool vibe of San Diego. No matter how busy the Festival keeps you, take a look around and enjoy all that beautiful San Diego has to offer especially in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter!

While in the Gaslamp Quarter seeing the SDFF’s selection of features, documentaries and shorts at the Regal Cinema, you can also Flash your Badge at the following Gaslamp eateries for special Perks.


1. The Grant Grill & Lounge

The Grant Grill & Lounge

Flash you badge and enjoy 20% off your total bill!

Location: 326 Broadway


2. Operacaffe

Flash Your Badge and enjoy 20% off your total bill!

Location: 835 Fourth Ave.

3. Hard Rock Cafe Gaslamp

Flash your badge for 20% off of your entire bill!

Location: 801 Fourth Ave.

4. Vin De Syrah Spirit and Wine Parlor

Flash your badge and enjoy Happy Hour pricing at any time!

Location: 901 Fifth Ave.

5. Whiskey Girl

Flash your badge and enjoy the Happy Hour pricing and menu at any time!

Location: 702 Fifth Ave.

6. Don Chido

Flash your badge and enjoy 20% off your total bill!

Location: 527 Fifth Ave.

To acquire a badge, or check out all of the great San Diego International Film Festival submissions and parties log onto,