Best Steakhouse in the Gaslamp

Greystone Prime Steakhouse and Seafood

For over twenty years, Greystone Prime Steakhouse and Seafood has been serving the San Diego community and has become a fine dining icon in the historic Gaslamp Quarter. As time passes, many restaurants go down in quality, but Greystone Prime Steakhouse and Seafood just keeps getting better. In fact, they were recently voted one of the best steakhouses in California by Best Things California, and were voted best steakhouse in San Diego by Money, Inc. 

Their menu features an impressive array of USDA Prime steaks, a variety of exotic game, and an amazing selection of American Wagyu, Australian Wagyu, Japanese Wagyu, and some of the best dry-aged steaks found in San Diego! Their excellence doesn’t end there, however. They were also recognized and won the Award for Excellence by Wine Spectator for their impressive wine list that boasts some of the best wines from around the globe that pair marvelously with the cuisine at Greystone Prime Steakhouse and Seafood! Along with this, they are also proud to offer a menu that is 90% gluten free.

The building where Greystone Prime Steakhouse and Seafood is located was originally built in 1874 and served the public until 1923 when it was renovated into the Rivoli Theatre and was the first theatre built in the Gaslamp. After this, multiple different theatres took over the spot, such as the Savoy Theater, The Diana, The Roxy,Bijou Theatre, Cinema XXX, and Pussycat are all famous venues that previouslyoccupied the spot.

Ultimately, Greystone Prime Steakhouse and Seafood provides an unrivaled steakhouse experience that will leave you with a lasting impression. They provide a wide range of preset menus for all sorts of private dining events, ranging from birthday celebrations, banquets, rehearsal dinners, bachelor/bachelorette parties, proposal dinners, date nights, and private corporate events. If you are looking for a steakhouse that will provide you with once-in-a-lifetime experience, then look no further than Greystone Prime Steakhouse and Seafood.